LAMS Greenhouse Manufacturer

Lams is a French-based designer and manufacturer of aluminum greenhouses and glasshouses, specialized in the craftmanship of creating vintage-style greenhouses that evoke the charm of early 20th century designs and more contemporary designs, that will suit the most demanding customers. Handcrafted in our workshops in Vendée France, our glasshouses combine either the allure of yesteryear or contemporary designs, while being manufactured with modern durable materials (aluminium) and assembly principles. These glasshouses align perfectly with both period properties and modern properties (residential or commercial). Whether you seek the ideal conditions for nurturing seedlings and plants, or an extra space to enjoy your garden year-round, Lams provides a solution tailored to your needs.

Amboise Traditional Glasshouse
Classique Traditional Glasshouse
Supra Greenhouse

Excellence in Greenhouse Production

At LAMS, we master every step of the process, from greenhouse design to manufacturing, right down to supply chain logistics. Our deep understanding and control of each phase ensure we deliver high-quality greenhouses that meet our customers' needs. Our commitment to excellence in design, meticulous manufacturing, and efficient logistics set us apart in the industry. LAMS excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of our glasshouses is all underpinned by:


Spotlight on LAMS

Significant participation and visibility are cornerstones of our approach at LAMS. We showcased our premier greenhouses at the Spoga trade fair, attracting international attention. Our work graced the iconic Tuileries Garden, blending modern cultivation technology with historic beauty. Furthermore, we were honored to exhibit at the Louvre, associating our brand with the epitome of cultural excellence. Notably, our greenhouses were selected for the prestigious 'Made in France' exhibition at the Elysée Palace, the residence of the French President. This recognition underscores our commitment to quality, design, and French craftsmanship.

Teamwork and Expertise: The LAMS Advantage

Our exceptional team at LAMS is at the heart of our success. Our dynamic sales department connects with customers, understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions. Our dedicated research and development team innovates continually, ensuring our greenhouses are at the cutting edge of technology and design. Our marketing department masterfully communicates the unique advantages of our products, our production department ensure quality on-time construction, durability, and finishing, while our logistics team guarantees efficient delivery and seamless assembly. Together, this multi-disciplinary team drives our mission to provide the highest quality greenhouses and glasshouses.

Responsibility and Sustainability

At LAMS, we are firmly committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We prioritize working with local suppliers and partners, thereby supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint. We maintain a responsible procurement policy, ensuring the quality and sustainability of each product we use. For our customers, we put our green principles into practice: we've written an e-book on upcycling, showing how to repurpose the wooden packaging of our greenhouses into useful and aesthetically pleasing accessories. At LAMS, we do more than build greenhouses - we cultivate a sustainable future.